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Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator is a device with an aerator at the end of its hose, which is inserted in the water, or food. Ozone Generator adds a tiny amount of ozone and results in a sanitizing and oxidizing effect. Ozone is produced by adding a third atom of oxygen to a molecule, i.e. O3 instead of the usual O2. Our Ozone Generator has capacity of 0.5 gr per hour to 100gr per hour, with ozone diffuser and online ventury.

Functions of Ozone Generator

  • Kills bacteria and viruses in food and beverages with surprising speed
  • Has a strong penetrating effect, sanitizing and oxidizing everything.
  • It can do oxidizing chemistry
  • Removes tapeworm larvae, sheltered as carries eggs
  • While ozonizing food and beverages, it turns into oxygen and water, leaving no toxicity behind


Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Warranty 2years
cooling system Air Cooling, Oil Cooling, Water Cooling
Speed 1000-1500rpm, 500-1000rpm
Automation Grade Automatic
 Noice Level Silent
Product Power 1-5kw, 10-15kw, 20-25kw, 5-10kw